Thursday, April 23, 2009

don't miss this!

Plans were being made in early March for the current series, What Might Jesus Say, at TrueNorth Church. Each week we will be addressing what Jesus might say to specific influencers of modern day culture. In the initial planning, it was a challenge to identify exactly which media figure we would use. We wanted to make sure we stayed current by not using someone whose influence may fizzle during the course of the planning and the timespan of the series. What if, in the next month or so, someone should hit the spotlight and inspire a life-changing message?

Someone did.

Carrie Prejean, the current Miss California and the first runner up in the recent Miss USA pageant, will be the inspiration for Steve's message this Sunday. Read about her story here. We have had to do some creative rescheduling to make room for this amazing testimony of faith by Miss California.

This is just another reminder that you can't plan a move of God. But you better be ready for it. We had to change our plans this week so God could change some hearts in His perfect timing.

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