Thursday, December 28, 2006

the poinsettia executioner

When Alan and I were dating, I told him that if he ever wanted to send me flowers, don’t do it. They don’t work for me.

Except for poinsettias.

So every year for my birthday in December, I get at least one poinsettia from Alan, sometimes more. I love me a poinsettia!

I am still learning the proper care of a poinsettia. It starts out so beautifully and by Christmas, the green leaves begin dropping. I shift to panic mode and try to revive it by drowning it in water, which apparently is not a good response. With very little leaf coverage, the plant appears wilted and bare. I turn the plant ¼ turn every few days to hide the damage, but by mid-January, it ends up at the landfill with all the others.

My nickname could be “The Poinsettia Executioner”, a name I came across while reading Anita Renfroe’s “A Purse-Driven Christmas”. The native homeland of the poinsettia plant is Mexico. And once in America, the plant loses its will to live after weeks of being tortured (such is the case at my house). Renfroe says that “it is as if they know they aren’t in Mexico anymore. And you can’t fool them by playing Spanish TV, either.”

So as the “Poinsettia Death Watch” commences, I am feeling guilty and unqualified to be the keeper of a poinsettia, the only plant that enters my house during the year. But maybe it isn’t my fault at all. Our dog, Tucker, hiked his leg on my plant twice this holiday season. Needless to say, he hasn’t been back inside since!

Monday, December 25, 2006

he just THOUGHT he felt good... he REALLY feels good.

I hate when my dad calls me and says, "Guess who died"...because my heart starts racing and I start thinking of all the people that I hope he doesn't say. I knew James Brown was sick, but I didn't expect to hear about his death on Christmas morning.

I'm sure that James Brown tribute shows are in the works as I type. His face will be on the cover of many magazines. More streets, buildings, and awards will be named in his honor. Folks will be lined up to pose with his statue in downtown Augusta. And rightly so...he was a great pioneer in the history of music as we know it. His influence goes unmatched across music genres. Not only that, but his desire to serve mankind should be his biggest legacy.

James Brown did a lot of good things...and has been accused of some bad things. The good things didn't get him into heaven and the bad things didn't keep him out. His relationship with God was his ticket. He was quoted by Don Rhodes as saying, "God is the greatest hit maker in the world. I'd rather be a poor man with religion than a rich man without it." He always acknowledged God's presence and power in his life.

The most fitting quote I've seen about James Brown came from Rev. Jesse Jackson:

"He was dramatic to the end - dying on Christmas Day. Almost a dramatic, poetic moment. He'll be all over the news all over the world today. He would have it no other way."

That makes me smile...and feel good, knowing that papa's got a brand new bag.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Christmas is always a special time at TrueNorth Church, because we pull out all the stops in celebration of the birth of our Savior. We have big plans for things never seen before at TNC. We will have fun. There will be loveand great music!

Our mission at TNC is to create a relevant experience by removing all barriers that cause people to retreat during the Christmas season. Our folks have been handing out cards with information about our Christmas services all over the CSRA…from North Augusta to Grovetown to Aiken. We have walked the streets of downtown Augusta, shopping areas, and our places of employment. And there are some people who just can’t get to us, so we are going to them! As a way of serving our community, TNC will be hosting a Christmas Feast at the Salvation Army on Christmas Day.

Not everyone enjoys this time of year though because of life circumstances, loss, or loneliness. Or maybe they just don’t feel worthy to come before the Christ-child. Studies show that the main reason many people do not come to church is because no one has invited them.

So…step away from the blogs, and put down that coffee cup and newspaper. As long as you have clothes on, stay dressed as you are. Yes, those sweatpants are fine. Go by and pick up your friend who hasn’t been to church since 1980-something. And consider this your invitation to join us for one or all of our three identical services.

Place: North Augusta High School Gym

Time: Saturday, Dec. 23, 6:00pm and
Sunday, Dec. 24, 9:00am and 10:45am

We have been waiting for you!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

elfin magic

Click here to see our worship leader, Kevin Bradford, in action at band practice! I think he has a side gig with the Keebler elves!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

breaking news

John Mayer announced on his blog on December 1 (my birthday,) that his next single to be released will be Gravity.

Thanks for the heads up, John.

We're waiting, waiting, waiting on the single to change!

Just keep me where the light is Ohh… where the light is!

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

the slowskys

According to the Slowsky's blog, Bill has posted a missing turtle poster for his wife, Karolyn (who has gone missing).

Bill! I think Karolyn has been hiding in our computer since Saturday. The internet has been running very slowsky and I can't do my stuff. Come and get her please!

Friday, December 01, 2006

what hill?

So today is my birthday...still under the hill. Here is a picture of a cake that Alan had made for me and brought it to band practice for me to share with the band. Wasn't that sweet? (pun intended)

Other peeps sharing my birthday...notice the comedians. There must be something about December 1 people:

Richard Pryor
Bette Midler
Woody Allen
Bart Millard (from MercyMe)
Jimmie Crawford (from NA)
William "Refrigerator" Perry

And tomorrow, Dec. 2, is Britney Spears' birthday...I won't even begin to wonder what her plans are!