Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksmas!

It is a little confusing at our house this year during the Thanksgiving season because we have already decorated for Christmas. I had to bring a little Thanksgiving to this tree by adding Matthew's indian feather cap to the top until it is replaced with a paper star for Christmas. We have made fun of people like us before. I feel as though we have broken a very sacred rule of etiquette by decorating so early. But we will be busy the next two weekends, so we decided to go ahead and enjoy the decor a little longer this year.

We don't know whether to say Happy Thanksgiving or Merry Christmas. So we will just say Happy Thanksmas for now!

Friday, November 21, 2008

things that make you go hmmm

A Christmas gift idea for those who have everything...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Monday, November 17, 2008


Jay Knotts did some breaking down of Psalm 23 this past Sunday at TrueNorth Church during the I AM series. "The Lord is my shepherd" translates in my simple mind as "The Lord is my leader."

I have had a blog post brewing in my mind for awhile, but never seemed to make sense out of it until focusing on this particular verse in Psalm. So here it goes:

Recently, our family (ten of us...including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins) went on a trip to San Antonio, Texas. We utilized many forms of transportation during this trip. We took a car to Atlanta, shuttle bus to the airport, flew to Texas, and shuttle-bussed to the hotel. While in San Antonio, we took the public transit, rental cars, and boat rides. All ten of us. We were constantly counting heads and re-counting to make sure we were all together (I'm flashbacking to Home Alone in my mind now). As we were rushing through the airport on our return home , the ten of us were headed toward the baggage claim, and I was watching my seven year old son, Matthew. Considering all the modes of transportation that we had experienced on our trip, I realized that he stayed with the pack and followed every move we made. He never questioned if we were at the right gate. When we turned left, he never said we should turn right. He watched us and knew what to do at every moment. He completely trusted his leaders to take him where he needed to go. And he arrived at his destination without a glitch.

Are you a leader? Say yes. Everyone is a leader of something. But are you a trusted leader?

Do you have a leader? Nod your head. Everyone is lead by someone. But do you trust your leader?

Psalm 23 tells us that as our leader, the Lord will never lead us astray. He is not going to tell us to go east while he goes west. He leads with authority and provides security. We can have complete trust that he is taking us in the right direction.

In your circles of influence, how can you become more trusted and return that trust to others?

Friday, November 14, 2008

name this sheep

We will have a special guest appearance at TrueNorth Church - North Augusta this Sunday. Jay Knotts will be speaking and may be asking for some help from this little fella that I picked up for him from our friends at Just Beds. Ever since I brought him to my house for the weekend, he has made himself right at home. Considering we are a family who names our cats Kitty, and Kitty Kitty, and Kitty Kitty Kitty, we have no business naming this sheep. Would you help us out and leave a comment here so that we can give this sheep a unique name?
All buckled up for the ride home!

He loves Starbucks coffee in the mornings.

Some Wii action with Matthew.

He can be quite the troublemaker.

He has been complaining that he gets NO privacy.

Networking on Facebook.

He couldn't go to sleep, so I told him to try 'counting people'.

Be on the lookout for him this Sunday. Hopefully he will have a name by then!